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[1] Why Akello Books?

Akello Books is a one-stop-shop for Print and eBooks coming from a variety of publishers in Zimbabwe and abroad.

[2] Do you sell physical or eBooks only?

Akello Books offer a hybrid solution which involves the distribution of both Physical/Printed books and eBooks to educational institutions.

[3] I want a quotation what do I do?

Go to www.akellobooks.com and look for Request for Quotation Link. Click and a fill in the form, highlighting your needs and requirements.

[4] Does Akello Books publish books?

Akello books is not a publisher. Instead, Akello Books is a content aggregator and distributor of academic books across Africa.

[5] Which syllabuses do you offer books for?

Akello Books offers books for most syllabuses and curricula across Africa. In stock we have Cambridge and ZIMSEC books.

[6] I want to buy books how do I go about it?

Simply write to us on:books@cassavasmartech.co.zw and share the titles that you want and get a quotation from us. Alternatively follow the Request for Quotation tab on our website and get more details.

[7] What other products do you have on offer?

Akello books has other products available for schools. We have an offline supplementary e-resources database (eGranary) for sale to high schools, colleges and training institutions. This is preloaded with millions of educational resources for various subject areas in video, e-books and pdf formats.

[8] How is Akello Books digital books distributed?

Digital Books are distributed via a platform and learners/students have access of up to one year. eBooks can be accessed online or offline. You will be asked to fill in your book code, registration details and accept Terms of Use.